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Writers' Rescue Center (Centre) is the worlds' first mentorship-driven writing and publishing platform for passionate and promising scripts. 

Publishing with Writers' Rescue Centre includes book writing mentorship, professional editing, publishing, distribution, marketing and post publishing career support.


Enjoy the privilege of best selling authors mentoring you, helping you in storytelling, book editing and approving the final version of the cover design, interior design, and distribution of your book. Determine your destiny with control at every step.


The book is published with love- with worldwide distribution and experienced editing team helping you carve a professional career in writing.​

“Everyone has a story to tell.”

We have created 200+ Best Selling Authors, dozens of TED(x) Speakers and as many National Award Winners in India.


Even Writers' need mentorship and our team provide that.

The best inspirational stories are the ones that come straight from the ruins of personal struggles.


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Few of our Students

 I want to share
the interesting journey behind my passion and the experiences which made me the person who I am today, I am getting mentored by Writers Rescue Center and learning this beautiful art of writing, the book will get published soon by Writers Rescue Center. Actually, what I have learned from Nikhil sir can't be expressed in words because WRC gave me the correct direction for my dreams. All that he has achieved till today is a great
source of energy for me, and I work daily with a dream to be like him someday. Apart from this, The idea of writing a book has been applauded by him and he is giving me complete support which I needed to fill those pages.Usually, I
call Nikhil Sir Gurudev because in Indian history Guru has a vital role in the bright formation of a student. 

Vishnu Chaudhari

From my childhood, I am always a dreamer, believer and religious. When I was in 7th I dreamed of writing a book. I was totally lost, depressed and confused than ever and I decided to drop out. I went home, my head was down with shame! I was clueless about what I was going to do next! So I failed in engineering I took up another course, BSc. Without the Writers Rescue Center, I would have not survived. They gave me the guidance which I needed and dimensioned by scattered thoughts, I am fortunate to know mentors like Nikhil who handed me the light-stick and pushed me into the hills and valley, highways and byways of my own soul and heart where I discovered myself and came out with this book. 

Nitin Upadhyay

I was always confused about how to start, I met Dr. Nikhil Chandwani at K L University where he was a professor and as his a student, I got knowledge beyond the written texts and books, he taught me ideas that could change the world, one of them was book writing, later I got in touch with Writers Rescue Center and I was taught the insights of writing, they landed me a publisher suitable for my book and also helped me market my book. Today, I am an engineer and a writer too and want to continue writing as I am enjoying it all together. I am also a motivational speaker. I have already given my speeches at Vit-Vellore, IIT-Madras, IFEEL-Lonavala, Cebit-Hyderabad, Anurag group of institutions -Hyderabad etc.

I owe my complete success to Writers' Rescue Centre in helping me find a market for my book. They gave me wings without any hesitation and help me find my own self. Life is very positive both mentally and economically after WRC's contributions as mentors and family.

Darshana Mishra

Darshana Mishra a 24-year-old young Engineering graduate and an MBA student from a small town in Madhya Pradesh started her creative journey in the form of her first non- fiction novel, MAA - Because Angels Do Exist. Darshana wrote this book under the guidance and motivation of WRC. She says, "I began writing this book while working with
Dr. Nikhil where I learned that this was the best thing that could help me express my love for her in the form of a creative journey. Inspiration from Dr. Nikhil was what mattered the most throughout the journey."

Siddharth Roy

When I was 17 years, (In 11th grade) I started writing my first novel.  The book soon became a bestseller. I came to know about Writers Rescue Center through Facebook and I cannot describe their contribution towards my success story, specially Nikhil Chandwani sir, he is my mentor and throughout my journey, he supported me and guided me. It was him to encouraged me to write and fight
against the society. He made me realize that writing is the cure to all the problems. He gave me a new vision towards life and I am glad to have him as my mentor because he has always
helped me selflessly. I have not met any other selfless person like him yet.

Prab Keerat Mahendru

Frankly speaking, the only inspiration which kept on and still is making me work is to just give my parents happier life and give them all the happiness in the world is the only inspiration which keeps me moving, I came to know about Writers Rescue Center through a friend of mine who was already a published author and it was the turning point in my life, they gave wings to my thoughts. I have seen Nikhil Chandwani sir writing his books on his phone like people play games and he writes his books on his phone, that shows how passionate he is about writing, that gives me a lot of push towards what I want to achieve in life.I am settled in life because of WRC's constant support and inspiration.

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