Your journey will be exiciting

We choose our students based on curiosity, and the zeal to be read and heard. Everything else can be taught. We don't want "THE BEST WRITERS." WE WANT  "STORYTELLERS WITH A VISION."


Once you narrate us your interest and the inclination in storytelling, based on your genre, and age, we provide you with a mentor. The mentor stays with you over skype/WhatsApp/emails and you'll be mentored in. 

How to write?
What to write?
Grammar/Vocab Training
Book Writing Basics.

Editing &

Proof Reading

Once you start writing the book, the assigned mentor will regularly seek updates about the story. You'll be given regular counseling, briefing, and constructive criticism. The book takes somewhere around 1-7 months to be ready. Once it is ready, we proofread and edit the book. Our editors are well experienced in book editing. The editing of the manuscript takes 10-40 days depends upon the manuscript. 

Publishing &


We will publish your edited manuscript through WRC publishers- an imprint of Raindrops Publishers or any other publishing firm that is publishing your genre. We do a concrete research on carving the right market on the book. The book is sent across to numerous reviewers and journalists for feature articles and book reviews. 

Post Publishing-Carving a Career

Once the book is marketed, our authors are retained. We provide our authors freelance Ghost Writing projects and help create a complete-concrete career in this beautiful field. We also take our writers' for public speaking platforms where they inspire the crowd through their stories. The storyteller must use both the pen and the vocal cord and we make sure you reach the right crowd based on your field of interest. 

Choosing a Story, Research, Writing

Multiple Mentor Support from WRC based on the fields

The journey begins with a brainstorming session to come up with a story for the book. This is tricky, confusing, and conclusions take at least 3 - 4 sitting/on-call. A research team works with the students to help them bring out the concrete content for the book. 


The students are taught how to write a book, what to write, from character sketch and synopsis to writing, and completion. This journey begins with writing a synopsis, summarizing everything in 300 words, and later developing characters, designing the conflict, and later; a proper climax.

Editing, Proof Reading, Publishing and Marketing

Core Mentorship Support, and WRC Editors/Publishing Partners will conclusively support and guide

The book is edited by our professional editing team and suggestive changes are done. Substantial editing is done by our experienced senior team and proof reading is done before sending it across for publishing. The book is published through WRC Publishers or our partnered publishers based on the genre and quality. The book is distributed and marketed regionally, and nationally through various channels, and the book is shared with our reading audiences for maximum reach. Our titles are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Airports, Paytm, Railway Stations and numerous book stores. 

Post Publishing (You will love this)

WRC takes care of every process through our channels Post Publishing.

We send across the books for reviews. Your story is shared with journalist and various event organizers. Colleges love to hear authors. We send across your profiles to the organizers and give you various stages to deliver your stories in form of speech. Our students are taught public speaking through our mentors and senior speakers in the team.

We help you in procuring columns with different platforms where you can regularly contribute as a writer.

A career is carved out based on your interest level. 

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